KiTTy Session Manager (KSM) est un outil vous permettant d’organiser vos sessions KiTTy par dossier et d’assigner des raccourcis clavier pour chaque session. Il est compatible MS Windows et nécessite l’installation du Net Framework 4.0.3KiTTy Session Manager (KSM) is a tool that allows system adminstrators to organise their KiTTy sessions into folders and assign hotkeys to their favourite sessions. This is designed for MS Windows and requires the .NET Framework 4.0.3



  • Organiser vos sessions par dossier
  • Lancer plusieurs sessions simultanément
  • Assigner des raccourcis clavier à vos 10 sessions favorites
  • Naviguer dans les dossiers contenant vos sessions depuis la barre des tâches
  • Afficher vos sessions dans une liste
  • Rendre demi transparente la fenêtre des sessions
  • Ne nécessite aucune modification de KiTTy
  • Gestion de vos sessions :
  • – Export des Sessions vers un fichier registre ou un fichier CSV
  • – Dupliquer et modifier des sessions
  • – Supprimer des sessions
  • – Copier et exporter certains paramètres de vos sessions
  • – Renommer des sessions
  • Support de Kageant – agent d’authentification SSH conservant vos clés privées en mémoire vive
  • Possibilité de lancer des sessions FileZilla et WinSCP


  • Organise your sessions into folders
  • Launch folders of sessions simultaneously
  • Assign Windows hotkeys to your ten favourite sessions
  • Browse session folders from the system tray
  • Display sessions in a list
  • Semi-transparency of sessions window
  • Does not require any alterations to the existing KiTTy executable
  • Session Management :
  • – Export Sessions to registry file, or CSV file
  • – Save New Session using existing session as template
  • – Delete Sessions
  • – Rename Sessions
  • – Copy Session Attributes – copy all or part of your session settings from one session to many others
  • Support for launching Kageant with a list of SSH keys
  • Support for launching FileZilla and WinSCP session from the tree
Télécharger KiTTy Session Manager
Download KiTTy Session Manager
Télécharger la version portable
Download the portable edition


Support KiTTY Session Manager

If you would like to support KSM you can start by liking it on alternativeto


Software requirements

Windows: Windows XP or later
Requires the NET Framework 4.0.3 – if missing KSM will install it (installer version only)



Please feel free to comment and give me a feedback. French, English and Russian spoken



Kitty Session Manager Antivirus Scan
Kitty Session Manager Antivirus Scan  (portable edition)


Source code

Source code available on GitHub



All credits go to the original creator of PuTTy Session Manager : David Riseley

9 commentaires

Novakin · 31 mars 2015 à 1 h 45 min

Just added a portable edition.

Novakin · 7 août 2015 à 11 h 14 min

Kitty Session Manager runs smoothly on windows 10 🙂

Novakin · 11 avril 2016 à 17 h 24 min

Kitty Session Manager should work normally on Windows 2016. It has been tested on Technical Preview 4

Robert MAroon · 21 août 2016 à 17 h 19 min

Could you please add support for kitty portable which saves sessions on files) ?
Thank you.

    Novakin · 21 août 2016 à 20 h 42 min

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your comment
    I’m not a developer. I just modified a few variables in PuTTy Session Manager source code to « create » a version that would support KiTTy and decided to share it)
    Unfortunately adding such a feature would require way much more skills than i have(

Mark Mauler · 24 janvier 2018 à 0 h 54 min

I cannot seem to get the Kitty Session Manager Portable version to see any sessions that are set up. Is there a specific place that the folder needs to be placed? I am using the Kitty Portable version. I updated the config file but nothing seems to work. I do not know what the Session Manager is looking for as far as seeing the sessions that have been set up. Thanks.

Francois · 26 novembre 2018 à 21 h 03 min

I can’t use it with my kitty_portable.Exe 🙁

Peter · 3 mars 2019 à 19 h 03 min

Unfortunately, this tool does not work with kitty portable version.

Brett Glass · 11 octobre 2022 à 5 h 26 min

The KiTTY Session Manager, like the PuTTY Session Manager, can export sessions as a CSV file. But how to import them? I need to do this to get a large quantity of sessions onto another machine.

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